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EMMO Kingston E-Bikes is a proud Canadian company locally owned and operated in Kingston, Ontario. We want to ensure each customer has the Ultimate E-Bike experience! With in-store & online retail sales of Electric Bicycles & E-Scooters. We also provide on-site service of all of our listed products. All products are tested in-house by the Owner for Quality & Safety before being sold at our store. The Authorized brands at our store are; EMMO E-Bikes/E-Scooters, Ecolo-Cycle E-Bicycles, Pedego E-Bicycles, and eProdigy E-Bicycles!

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What to Consider When Choosing an Electric Bicycle or E-Scooter

Are you looking for something that you can still pedal for moderate exercise? 

The traditional bicycle style E-Bike is best suited to people who still want to pedal. A bicycle style E-Bike might be your best option if you enjoy cycling but need a little help getting up hills, have health problems that require only light to moderate exercise, or don't have shower facilities at your arrival destination.

What kind of trips will your E-Bike be mainly used for?

Be sure to check the travel range listed on the model of your choice's specifications. Do you require lots of storage compartments? Will you be carrying a passenger for many of your trips? If you will be traveling at night you might consider choosing a colour that will be seen well in low light, and/or installing additional lighting systems such as an under-glow package.

How will your E-Bike be stored for the winter months?

If you are unable to store your E-Bike in an enclosed and covered area such as a shed/garage or indoors, an E-Bike with removable batteries is the best option. E-Bikes can be stored outdoors for the winter if it is covered; the batteries are removed, kept indoors, and charged up every 3-4 weeks. E-Bikes with fixed batteries should be stored in a covered and enclosed area for the winter, and charged up every 3-4 weeks to maintain the batteries.

*EMMO Kingston Offers a Heated Winter Storage Package - $175.oo + taxes

What type of tires should you choose?

E-Bike tires come in two main types; tires with tubes, & tubeless tires. The important difference between these two types is mainly to do with flat repairs. Tubeless tires can be plugged, while the tubed tire must have the tube replaced in the event of a flat. Tubeless Tires generally have a better ride, but cost more to replace. Another point to consider is the size of the tire, the larger the tire the more power is required to maintain top speed, meaning that the voltage should reflect the tire size.

What type of braking system should I choose?

All E-Bikes sold in Canada must meet a minimum stop time/distance requirement. On scooter style E-Bikes there are two different kinds of braking systems available; drum brakes and disc brakes. Generally speaking, the more powerful and/or heavier models will be equipped with disc brakes as they are more responsive than drum brakes. Drum brakes are suitable for lower voltage, lighter models. On E-Bicycle models generally have V-Caliper type brakes, higher end models have disc brakes for extra stopping power they can be manual or hydraulic for extreme stopping power. 

What is the best type of battery for you?

Lithium vs. Lead Acid

 The Lithium options are mostly used in Electric Bicycles due being extremely light, efficient, & having faster charging times. In the larger E-Scooters, lithium batteries are excellent for people who are have difficulty lifting their removable Lead Acid batteries in and out of their E-Bike. Lithium batteries are  significantly lighter in weight than lead acid. The cost of replacing the lithium batteries is certainly more expensive than the cost of replacing  Lead acid batteries, however Lithium cells have great benefits, they do last  longer in distance per charge, and overall lifespan. approx. 4-6 years.

Liquid Lead Acid vs. Gel Lead Acid

While we do carry liquid Lead Acid batteries at a lower price than Gel Lead Acid, we find that the Gel Lead Acid batteries perform better in hot or cold conditions due to the resilient Gel material, they do last longer than traditional liquid Lead Acid batteries. Keep in mind no matter what type of battery you choose, you will have to replace the batteries at some point.  

Approx. every 4-6 years for Lithium, approx. every 2 years for Liquid Lead Acid, and every 3 years for Gel Lead Acid Batteries. All EMMO E-Scooters are equipped with Gel Lead Acid Batteries. All E-Bicycles are equipped with Lithium Battery packs.

What kind of voltage do I require?

As the E-Bike movement gains momentum, manufacturers have started to build larger bikes with higher quality components such as disk brakes, and higher voltage systems. Generally speaking, the larger the E-Bike, the more voltage is required to propel the vehicle at top speed and up inclines. Higher voltage E-bikes generally have larger weight capacities as well; so a 48V E-Bike may be very suitable for a smaller person, while a larger person may be better suited on a higher voltage model. Depending on the weight of the bike and rider, the higher voltage bikes may also offer longer traveling range per charge.

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